Dining Experience

Have questions about dining options, meal plans, or the general dining experience... Be sure to check out Frequently Asked Questions to find the answers to all of your dining questions. 


There are so many options on campus for students to eat, whether that be if you're going for a breakfast, lunch, dinner-- honestly, whatever time. There's so many different options. You can eat at the Loft. There's many different foods there like Italian, deli, Chinese, southern style. And then you can also eat at other places on campus. We kind of have, like, fast food places.

There's Chick-fil-A, Sub Connection, Steak 'n Shake, the Loft. There's Red Mango, Fiesta Fuego, and Cyclone Salads, and Starbucks.

Last year, I lived with my suitemate, and she actually had a gluten allergy. She actually ended up calling the head of food dining services here at USI, and she told her the many different options on campus that she can eat and make sure that she's not ingesting anything that she can't. USI if someone has a gluten allergy, they have different color-coded pots. Like, purple is for a gluten allergy. Pink is for a fish allergy. So I thought that was so cool.

The Tapingo is a quick-and-easy, easy-to-use app that allows me to place an order before I go to the restaurant of my choice. So when I get there, my order will be done, making that process of waiting in line and waiting for my food ten times shorter.