Day in the Life

See what a Day in the Life is like for a USI student!

Hi, everyone. My name is Riley. This is my roommate Rebecca. It's a wonderful day here at USI. We're just now leaving the honors apartments. Tag along with me and I'll show you what a typical day in my life looks like.

The great thing about USI is that we have a shuttle system. So every morning when I go to class, I don't have to walk. I can just take the shuttle.

So Becca's got to go to class. But I'm headed to Starbucks to hang out with friends and drink coffee, like I do almost every morning.

Thank you. Hey, everyone. Matt, what are you working on?

So just a fun USI fact, this is the Echo Spot on campus. If you stand in the center and clap, it echoes off of every building on campus.

Hi, Colin.

I'm a radio DJ at 95.7 The Spin. My co-host and I, Colin, win awards all over the country. And we're actually number one on-air personality duo in the nation. 95.7 The Spin is actually an entire student run radio station. We have a news team, broadcast USI sports, and we're actually the number one college radio station in Indiana.

USI has a great rec center. We've got a rockwall. We've got full-sized courts. And you have all the machines and workout equipment that you can need. But my favorite way to use the rec is to check out a bike and hit the trails.

So today, I have a class field trip to Fall Festival. It's the second largest street festival in the United States, second to Mardi Gras. And then after that, I'm probably going to head back to campus and grab some food at The Loft or Chick-fil-A.

Hi, guys. After this, we usually like to head to Cinema USI and watch one of the free movies on campus. Or we get some ice cream at Cold Stone. And honestly, that's my typical day as a USI student.