Study Abroad

We offer over 100 study abroad opportunities across more than 60 countries around the globe. Students in any major can participate in study abroad and choose from a variety of experiences, from specialized courses taught entirely in English to enrollment in a foreign university. Length of study is flexible, ranging from a few weeks to a whole semester. USI is a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), which links the University to a worldwide network of study abroad opportunities, all at USI tuition rates. In many instances, scholarships and other forms of financial aid can go toward study abroad costs. We recognize the lasting impact of these experiences, and have created additional scholarships and grants available to students wishing to study abroad.

10 Reasons to Study Abroad:

  1. Become more marketable
  2. Study subjects in context
  3. Meet interesting people
  4. Learn about a culture
  5. Learn about the U.S.A
  6. Travel around the world
  7. Promote peace
  8. Find your calling
  9. Become a stronger person
  10. You may never get another chance

“This program was so much more than just classes, the trips, and pictures. It was raw. The friendships are lifelong, the culture is engraved, and the memories are eternal.” -Jacob Delk (Spring 2019 South Africa CIEE)"

“I can definitely say that my time studying abroad has changed me as a person, student and global citizen.” -Shelby Heins (Spring 2019 U.K. Harlaxton College)"