On-Campus Housing

When you become part of our housing community, you take advantage of the rich variety of educational, social, cultural, and recreational activities that will help you now and in the future. Whether you are in a campus apartment or one of the residence hall suites, you will have all you need to succeed.

Campus apartments—O’Daniel Apartments and McDonald Apartments— come fully furnished and include a full-sized living room and kitchen. The campus apartments are located within walking distance of the academic buildings for an added degree of convenience. Check out all of the on-campus apartment amenities.

At the heart of the campus apartment area is the Residence Life Community Center, a state-of-the-art building with a large shared living room, an expanded convenience store with pizza delivery, wireless internet and a laundry room.

Residence halls—Newman Hall, Governors Hall, O’Bannon Hall and Ruston Hall— are designed as suites that offer incoming freshmen the benefits of traditional residence hall living combined with popular apartment-style housing

When you join a Living Learning Community (LLC) at USI, you become part of a community of students who live together and learn together— and you’ll have a ready-made group of friends who share your interest and dreams. Communities are designed to help first-year students transition to college, fit interests and needs, and achieve academic and social success.

If you reside in an LLC, you’ll enjoy all the same amenities as other residents with the added benefit of an enriched living experience.


Living on campus, especially in the residence halls, helped me acclimate to college through its proximity to campus and also because the community you get to build. So you walk into college and you may not know anyone, especially if you're going far away from home, but having the residence halls close by helps you make friends faster, especially if you live in a living learning community where you get to take some of the same classes as the people you're living with.

So you see friendly faces around campus, you have people to get involved with on campus, and it's easier to go get involved in student organizations that can help you build a community on campus and help you find your passions in the university.

Each room in the residence halls is a suite style, which is appealing to a lot of students here. You walk into your residence halls and there's a little living room, a congregational area for you and your roommates, and then there's two separate bedrooms where you and your roommate will stay.

Other amenities, such as your library, that are about a three minute walk. And then of course, campus is very, very close by to you so you can go eat and get to your classes fairly quickly while you're adjusting to campus life.

I think that living on campus at USI has been a major factor in setting me up for success. I was able to meet people with my major, I was able to get involved on campus. I was able to gain a little bit more independence for myself that I wouldn't have otherwise.